Potenza, a Grand Marais pizzeria owner

Potenza, a Grand Marais pizzeria owner who purchased Grand Beach Management Services in 2006, erected new beachfront buildings along the boardwalk at the West Beach. But his structures sat empty for the entire 2011 season after Manitoba Conservation put out a tender for a different operator, which wound up selling concessions out of a temporary trailer at the recently repaired boardwalk. The Surf Club also sat dormant all season..

Inside staterooms are $119 to $149 a night. There also are standard staterooms ($149 to $169), deluxe staterooms ($179 to $199), family staterooms ($199 to $229) and royalty suites ($360 to $660). The Queen Mary also is offering a variety of packages.

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“That pushed us into what we had to do,” Klinger said. “We want the hospital to be safe and our patients and employees to be safe.” Construction will begin once demolition of the remaining hospital, built in 1959, is complete most likely in February. Klinger said the demolition is going well and you might even say it’s going green.

6. Her paychecks are deposited onto a prepaid debit card an improvement over old fashioned paper paychecks, which led to high check cashing fees. It hardly a good substitute for direct deposit, however. For the expansion, Panera spokeswoman Kate Antonacci said, the nonprofit is considering locations that, like Clayton, are upscale but accessible to lower income customers. In Clayton’s case, St. Louis County’s offices and court house are nearby.

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